Microsoft Licences - Cloud Solutions Provider

Microsoft Licences with Advanced Support - No Extra Charge

ACME UC is a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP), as such we will work in partnership with any existing IT provider that you have, or we can provide you with Microsoft licences.

All of the licences we provide, we provide Advanced Support for via our helpdesk.  We do this at no additional cost to the standard Microsoft retail prices, as we will earn incentives from Microsoft, so we don't feel it's correct to charge you again for support on those licences.

If you have buy direct, your business has to provide 1st line IT support and then purchase support directly from Microsoft for escalation. With a CSP we become your 1st and 2nd line point of contact for the service, and already have a built-in escalation agreement (advanced support) to Microsoft for additional support, at no cost to you.

These incentives Microsoft pays it's qualified partners, either as the Transactional Partner or Record (TPOR), or where we have engaged in consulting and deployment activities by Claiming Partner of Record (CPOR) or Digital Partner of Record (DPOR).

Where we are providing Managed Services we would normally ask to provide the licences at the same time, this allows us the fastest and most direct access to the vendor rather than going through your existing IT supplier arrangements.

The Partner Admin Link (PAL) is key for our support access and for Microsoft to recognise that we are part of your IT delivery.


Adopting Microsoft technologies can offer businesses significant eco-green credentials, helping to minimise the environmental footprint of your operational systems and processes.

  • Create energy efficiencies and transition towards clean energy.
  • Modernize fleets and transportation.
  • Reduce the environmental impact of buildings, spaces, and equipment.
  • Enable seamless collaboration about goals and progress.

Cloud carbon tracking for your path to net zero, calculate your cloud footprint using Power BI template apps and validated carbon accounting, with the Emissions Impact Dashboard for Azure and the Emissions Impact Dashboard for Microsoft 365

  1. Emissions Impact Dashboard for Microsoft 365: Can for found on AppSource here .
  2. Emissions Impact Dashboard for Azure: Can be found on AppSource here.

The Emissions Impact Dashboard provides cloud customers with transparency into their greenhouse gas emissions associated with cloud usage and is available for anyone to download.

There is also a growing set of ESG (environmental, social, and governance) capabilities from Microsoft, enabling business to accelerate sustainability progress and business growth using data and AI.  Start learning

Drive data transparency and insights to take action with Microsoft Sustainability Manager, find out more here.

What you GET from ACME UC - apart from the included Advanced Support?

We live by these values because they reflect who we are

  • Genuine - We are free from pretence, guile or hypocrisy, we are sincere, honest, straightforward, sometimes brutally frank
  • Ethical - We behave in accordance with our rules and standards for right conduct or practice, we do the right thing when nobody is watching
  • Trustworthy - Deserving of trust, dependable, reliable

With ACME you GET pioneers / peace of mind that you are working with a business that has been there, seen it, done it.  We have been trailblazers in the IT arena and have been lucky enough to have been engaged in some impressive projects.  ACME UC pioneers the way Teams, and Microsoft 365 and Azure solutions are delivered to customers.   Our commitment to Data Privacy and Security has earned us partnership with the police SECRC and commendations from our BSI ISO27001 audits, we are also a Cyber Essentials certification body (CB). So a CSP and CB, a TLA rarity! But you know, your supply chain is safe with us.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Yes. You can still have full administrative control over your Office 365 tenancy and Azure subscriptions.