GET: Active Protection

What is GET

With ACME you GET pioneers / peace of mind that you are working with a business that has been there, seen it, done it.  We have been trailblazers in the IT arena and have a proven track record.  ACME pioneers the way Teams, Microsoft 365, Azure and IT solutions are delivered to customers. Properly.

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Active Protection - Cyber Essentials

How does it work?

Active Protect works by running an unobtrusive agent in the background on the device.  Every 15 minutes, it is checking configurations, training modules passed and policies acknowledged. For desktops, the app can be downloaded via email  or via a device manager like Microsoft Endpoint Manager (Intune).  For mobile, this can be done through the relevant app store or again via a device manager like Microsoft Endpoint Manager.

Once a device has been scanned, passes and failures can be reported back to the user and employees responsible for cybersecurity will be able to view this information through the central dashboard.  Maintaining an audit log of compliance.

Key Features

Cyber Security - Organisation and People


Where you don't have a capable HR system tracking staff and policy agreements, the active protect digital policy creation and management solution gives businesses the ability to roll out new procedures and ways of working within minutes. Engage staff and stay compliant, with easy policy acknowledgement and tracking.

Building policies from scratch can be daunting, easy to customise templates help. Our IT policy management safeguards businesses’ data, reputation, and financial stability through standardised protocols and ways of working.

Included Templates

  • Cyber Essentials Policy Ensures foundational cybersecurity measures are implemented to protect against common threats.
  • Security Awareness & Training Guidelines Policy Provides guidelines for educating employees on security practices and threat awareness.
  • IT Access Policy Regulates user access to IT systems and data to maintain security and integrity.
  • Data Classification Policy Defines how data is categorised and handled based on sensitivity and importance.
  • Data Protection Policy Outlines measures to secure personal and sensitive data, complying with legal requirements.
  • (Download FREE) Work From Home Policy - Establishes guidelines for secure and effective remote work.